Friday, November 25, 2011

Day Twenty-one: Hero 7002 with Dragons Napalm

For day twenty-one, I chose a Chinese Hero 7002, another inexpensive Chinese pen. I decided to fill it with Noodlers Dragons Napalm. This was not what I had planned to use, but I had a busier day than I expected, I was coming down with a cold, and I needed a simple choice so I could settle down to writing.

The Hero is an attractive pen, with a fine, hooded nib. The body is made of metal, so it has a nice, heavy feel in the hand. It has a piston operated converter, which was a bit weak. However, it did hold enough ink to last for the entire writing session. My greatest fear was simply that it would fall apart while I was trying to use it. Chinese pens seem to universally neglect the filling system in favour of the exterior.

On the other hand, the nib was nice and smooth and wet. This is the nicest nib I've found on any of the Chinese pens I've tried, and since several others had quite decent nibs, that is high praise. As the section is chromed metal, I was a bit afraid I might have some trouble gripping it, but it turned out to be fine. The pen is a nice writer, and although I wouldn't want to use it as my primary writing pen, it is a useful one to have around, considering how little it costs.

As the name suggests, Dragons Napalm is a very fiery, orange red. It is a reasonably wet ink, and flows well. This is such an intense ink it isn't likely to work well for all but the most unusual manuscripts (perhaps a thriller involving arson?), but this would make a great ink for markup. It stands out in almost any environment.

On day twenty-one, I wrote 1,575 words, for a total so far of 45,517 words. I'm nicely ahead of schedule, although getting sick complicates things somewhat, as does the approach of Thanksgiving. I'd like to find the time to catch up on these blog posts, but I'm still struggling just to stay in place. Nevertheless, I'm learning a great deal, and am glad that I decided to go through with this.

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